Spanish companies have traditionally and historically lacked a strategic approach that embraces exports as an intrinsic part of business activity.

The size of the majority of firms, capitalisation shortfalls, financial dependence on external resources and, in short, absence of necessary financial muscle are factors that have contributed to companies adopting an exclusively domestic, or even local, approach.

Lack of languages and knowledge about foreign markets, as well as a fear of the unknown, round out the scenario in which, with a number of honourable and successful exceptions, Spanish businesses have moved.

However, for many companies, getting onto foreign markets is now more a question of necessity than interest.

Some companies, which may have once had some sort of presence abroad and experienced problems which led them to get out, are now being forced to have to consider returning to foreign markets.

AYUDEXPORT aims to make up for the shortfalls Spanish SMEs face on foreign markets by offering them comprehensive support and assistance in all phases and activities of the internationalisation process.

  • Internationalisation as a core part of business.
  • It requires knowledge, experience and a presence on foreign markets.
  • With exceptions, it represents one of the traditional weak points of Spanish businesses.
  • No public or private institution provides comprehensive support to businesses in this field.

This is a gap that AYUDEXPORT strives to fill.